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Property Damage Claims

Property damage or “storm” damage tends to occur without any warning and can affect many aspects of your home or commercial business property.  The extent of your property damage claim can include your roof, interior of your home or commercial business, exterior, fencing, etc.  Property damage comes in many forms, some of which include, hail, wind, hurricane, fire, flood, and pipe burst.  If you should experience such damage, you should review your insurance policy and contact your insurance company to file a claim, as soon as possible.


When you file a claim with your insurance company, an adjuster is assigned to your claim and performs an inspection of your property to assess the damage.  The insurance company will provide you with an outcome letter explaining their findings and if they are going to pay you for the damage to your property.  More than 50% of the time, the insurance companies either “deny”, stating no damage, or “underpay”, meaning the damage amount is under your policies deductible amount.  The reasons for the insurance companies’ “denial” or “underpay” usually tends to be broad.  Most of the time they will state the damage is normal wear and tear, due to the age of the roof, the damage is not “storm-related”, or improper installation of the roof.  Whether your insurance company denies or underpays your claim, that is not the last step you can take.  JLS Consulting works with various law firms and roofing/construction companies all across Texas to rectify the wrongdoing of the insurance companies, to work in favor of the homeowner and business owner, in order to get the insurance companies to rightfully pay for the damage to your property.